Frequently asked questions

1. Where can I go and look at a gorenje product, I want to see one before I buy?

Please visit CANADA Distributor to find your nearest gorenje retailer. Although we can not determine exactly what products each retailer has on display or in stock, we suggest you give them a quick call before you visit. Our centre of excellence retailers have the most gorenje appliances on display, so we suggest you try those first.

2. Where can I go and look at a retro refrigerator?

If you visit CANADA Distributor you will notice an area on the left hand side called ‘retro stockists’, this area is growing, but all these retailers currently have retro’s on display.

3. How long is my guarantee for the product I have just purchased?

You retailer should have informed you on the length of the guarantee, but if you are still unsure you can check the products on our web site or in our brochure to determine the length of your guarantee, or call us on 905-829-3980. The guarantee will either be 2 years or 5 years. We currently have a promotion that offers a 5 year guarantee on some appliances.

4. Do I have to register my appliance?

Yes you do, you can do this either via your retailer or over the phone by calling 905-829-3980. We also ask you to keep your proof of purchase too.

5. Where do I find the model number, ART and serial details for my product?

This information is on every appliances we sell, but can vary on where it is located. To find out the right information please call CANADA Distributor.

6. How do I report a fault?

You can purchase your appliance safe in the knowledge that full back up is provided in the unlikely event that your product develops a fault during its free guarantee period. If your appliance does develop a fault please call our ased service center on 905-829-3980 where a fully trained member of staff will take your call. Please ensure you have the following details available when reporting a fault; Model, Serial Number and ART number, along with Date of Purchase and your contact details together with a description of the fault.

7. Can I provide feedback on my service?

Feedback on the after sales service you have received can be given by the following methods, email or write to the following address:


39822 Belgrave Road

Belgrave, ON N0G 1E0

Call: 1-888-246-7365

8. My manual is missing, where can I get a new one?

You can either email us at or the majority of appliances on the web site have an area below the image called enclosure, you can click on the instruction manual to download.

9. Is it possible to order spare parts and accessories?

Yes it is. To order spares or accessories please email us at or call 1-888-246-7365.

10. How exactly do I pronounce Gorenje?

Good question. We have had many interesting ways of pronouncing our name, but the correct way is ‘Gor –  enn -  ya’.