GV67261XXLCUS Fully integrated dishwasher

Fully integrated dishwasher GV67261XXLCUS

Fully integrated dishwasher 10 place settings Number of baskets: 3 Anti Flood Protection Auto Dry Automatic door opening IonTech Motor: Inverter Technology Dimensions (W×H×D): 59.6 × 85.7 × 55.6 cm



Hisense dishwashers with fully adaptable and flexible interior, with number of programmes will make your life so much easier. Smartly designed and easy to handle.
Icon - Auto Dry Technology

Auto Dry Technology

No extra drying required
Unload with speed, ease and no extra drying. Automatically opening the door slightly at the end of every cycle lets excess steam escape, ensuring washed items dry completely.
Icon - 15 min Fast Cleaning

15 min Fast Cleaning

Fast cleaning in 15 mins, perfect for entertaining
Imagine throwing a dinner party and the dishes from the main course are cleaned in the time it takes to serve dessert. This function conveniently does your dishes in as little as 15 minutes – perfect for when you’re serving multiple courses.

Movable Baskets

More space for bigger pots
Three level basket adjustment system provides more space for even the biggest pots, making this dishwasher trully flexible and easy to use.

Automatic Programme

Always clean dishes, regardless the load
Thanks to the well-thought sensor technology, the Automatic programme makes it possible to automatically adjust the programme to the amount of the dishes loaded and the level of their dirtiness.

Sanitize Programme

Ready to use baby bottles
This programme upgrade makes a washing cycle longer and higher temperature. If you run it with intensive programme, which makes it washing on 70°C, it serves as sterilization eliminating most of bacteria. Perfect for families with babies.

Hot Water Connection

Shorter programmes and less electricity consumptions
When you connect the dishwasher directly to hot water, it cuts down programme times and reduces the elecrticity consumption. An easy solution if you are going green.

LED Lighting

Perfect interior overview
Smartly positioned LED lights enable a perfect overview of the dishwasher's interior making loading and unloading ever so easy.

Anti Flood System

No water leakage or flooding
Safely leave your dishwasher to operate at night or when you're away from home. Anti Flood System will automatically cut off the water supply in case of leakage or flooding, and drain the water.

Inverter Technology

Washing with even less noise
This powerful brushless motor with the new generation of electronics is extremely efficient and provides better cleaning effects, saves energy and produces less noise.

Ion Fresh

Fresh smell even with gradual loading
Now you can gradually fill-up your dishwasher without worring about the smell as ions will eliminate most of the odors from dirty dishes. The smart Ion Fresh tecnology will keep the interior always fresh, even if it will take days to complete the load and start the cycle.

Self-clean Filter

Filter with little or no maintainance needed
Even though this filter is really easy to handle, you will hardly ever clean it yourself. Thanks to the rinsing system and automatic filter clogging prevention the filter will work flawlessly.

Intuitive Control

Clear and easy control
Intuitive and easy to navigate through the settings. Operating the dishwasher is now a breeze, simple and ergonomical.

Extra Space

More space
More than enough space for even the largests plates and pots. Boasting a height of 86 cm with an impressive 65,4 cm inox tube makes this dishwasher one of the largest on the market.

Status Light

Always know when the washing is finished
Special led light is placed on the lower part of the dishwasher door, indicating whether the washing cycle is still in progress. If the led light is off the cycle is finished and you can start unloading the clean dishes.

Sliding Door

A perfect fit
This dishwasher is a perfect fit for any modern kitchen. Sliding Door system lets the decorative panel slide up for a seamless integration, without the need to cut the plinth.

Start Delay

This simple, yet very useful function comes in handy when you want to set the dishwasher, but have it start later.

Touch Control

Run your dishwasher with ease
Intuitive navigation with touch controls which make it easy to select programs and functions with just a gentle touch.

Top Spray Arm

Better water coverage, better cleaning performance
Third Spray Arm is located at the top of the tub which ensures better water coverage and distribution. Because of this additional spray arm the cleaning results are up to 30 % better, ensuring overall better cleaning performance.

Third Basket

Always clean and dry cutlery
Third basket is located in the upper part of the tub and shaped like a special tray for cutlery and cooking utensils to ensure the best washing and drying result.
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Technical details

Max. temperature of incoming water: 70 °C

Motor: Inverter Technology

Selected programme indicator

Control: Touch Control

Status Light

Sensors: Water level sensor, Clear water sensor, Load sensor

Main Washing temperature(s): 70, 65, 55, 45, 35 °C

5 programmes: Normal; Automatic Programme; Intensive Programme; Rinsing; Quick programme 20

Reference Programme: 3

10 place settings


Memory Programme

Fast Intensive Programme

Automatic Programme

Fast Cleaning

Auto Dry Automatic door opening

Sanitize Programme

Function 3 in 1

Selected programme indicator

Wash end indication: Displayed with sound and light

Time remaining indicator: Time remaining indicator

Door panel installation options: Possible as extra

Up to 24 hours

Number of baskets: 3

Upper basket system: Adjustable System

Foldable bottom plate baskets

Number of water jet levels: 5

Number of spray arms: 3

Self-cleaning Filter

Sliding door

Interior light

Upper basket: Wide mesh base; Handle with plastic logotype; Foldable left CupHolder; Foldable right CupHolder; Wide knife stand; One foldable glass support

Lower basket: Wide mesh base; Handle with stainless steel logotype; Foldable/divisible rear pin row

Top tray: With telescopic rails; Handle with stainless steel logotype

Anti Flood Protection: Anti Flood Protection

Service diagnostics

Stainless steel tub

Water consumption per cycle: 13 l

Energy consumption - normal program: 0.87 kWh

Noise Level: 42 dB(A)re 1 pW

Height setting: 70 mm

Voltage (V): 120 V

Dimensions (W×H×D): 59.6 × 85.7 × 55.6 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 64 × 93 × 66.5 cm

Niche dimensions (WxHxD): 60 × 86 × 57 cm

Net weight: 38 kg

Gross weight: 40.6 kg

Connected load: 1,300 W

Nominal current of fuse: 15 amp

Product code: 728133

EAN code: 3838782039492


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