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How to give your kitchen a retro twist

How to give your kitchen a retro twist
Funky, quirky and très chic – delving into the wonderful world of retro will help you create the time-hopping dream home every vintage lover dreams of.
We of course have a love affair with all things vintage, starting with our Retro Collection and its classic old-school aesthetics. And of course, a brilliant way to add a splash of quirky character to your interior design is by starting with your kitchen! The heart of every home, our kitchens present a wealth of exciting opportunities for dazzling design with a keen eye on the past.

If you’re considering introducing retro styling to your kitchen to a great place to start is looking at pop culture and the way it has brought along a huge range of classic design features over the years. Inspiration could come from retro TV, film, fashion or car design, so think about the style which catches your eye and you’ll be begin to establish the ways in which you can introduce a chic retro edge to your kitchen.

Here’s five steps to help you perfect a retro-inspired kitchen

Era: Settling on an era will help you create an authentic aesthetic, whilst also giving you some quirky interesting ideas. Many homeowners are attracted to mid-20th century modern styling, which is characterised by an uncomplicated, fresh look and streamlined touches of simplicity. You could look to the period roughly between 1930 and 1965 for inspiration with this style or turn to the 1970s, which saw bold colours and avant-garde shapes introducing a more psychedelic approach to interior design.

Patterns and colours: Once you’ve settled on an era, you can then consider the specific colours and patterns which resonate the most with your style. Bold geometrics, vibrant hues and curving shapes often mark vintage design and can add some real visual punch to your kitchen! High contrast colours and bold patterns can be used subtly to accent your space, rather than overpower it, to maintain a sleek modern edge.

Furniture: Furniture is an excellent way to add retro chic to your kitchen design and it can take just a couple of well-chosen statement piece to elevate the vintage chic status of your space. By choosing a few retro pieces with simple curves and contours, you can also maintain a touch of modern minimalism. Retro styles often enjoy free forms that are fluid in their nature and appeal, so just a couple of furniture choices will go a long way in transforming your kitchen.

Lighting: Lighting is a key interior feature which has seen many different styles over the course of the 20th century, from industrial-influenced lighting from the 1930s and 1940s to the sensuous curves of the psychedelic ‘70s. You can make a bold statement with pendant lights hanging from the ceiling in your kitchen or add fixtures to your walls to add to the visual impact of your home.
Accessories: This is where you can give yourself the most creative license and personal touch to add the final gloss to your retro-inspired kitchen. You can add a retro touch with vintage cutlery and crockery or you could add more trinkets such as clocks, cooking utensils, or even artwork. This is where you can really let your personal taste complete the look! 

Has this ignited the vintage-loving passion inside of you? Check out our Retro Collection. If you give some of these retro chic tips a try, then show us by sending in your photos on Twitter or Facebook