Wednesday, 23th March 2016

The days of the dinner table are long gone - new survey reveals our eating habits

The days of the dinner table are long gone - new survey reveals our eating habits
We are turning into a nation of full time TV diners, according to our new survey which has revealed that one in five of us eat in front of the TV every night.
We interviewed over 1,000 consumers all over the UK to reveal the latest trends in our cooking and eating habits - and unearthed a number of tasty titbits which could mark the decline of the dining table:

  • Almost half of us (43%) admit to ordering a takeaway at least once a week, which we can eat on the sofa or at the kitchen island
  • The kitchen is not just for food any more - of the hour and a half consumers spend in the kitchen each day, only half is spent cooking
  • When we do cook, we are only confident cooking a handful of meals from scratch, the survey revealed - seven meals for men, 10 for women
  • We supplement our limited repertoires with regular dining out; nearly a third of us (over 32%), eat out at least once a week, fuelling a booming restaurant industry that is expected to reach £52bn in value by 2017*
  • We’re not thinking about new meals - almost half of men admit they don’t consult a recipe at all when they do cook

The way we live and eat is changing. More and more of us have kitchens with islands, breakfast bars, sofas and televisions, meaning that we now gather there to eat, as opposed to sitting at a formal dining table. This means that our appliances have also changed, to be inclusive and design-led as well as functional.

With the noticeable demise of the dinner table we wonder what the next few years will have in store for the UK kitchen…
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