Thursday, 2nd April 2015, London

Twins confirmed for appearance on Geordie Shore

Twins confirmed for appearance on Geordie Shore
Did you know that there will be two special guests at the Geordie Shore house this year? That’s right... two cool characters who are bound to fit in with the frosty atmosphere in the house. Today we can exclusively reveal that these two new residents are none other than the Gorenje Baby Blue Retro fridge twins.

This is exclusive sneak peak, the chilled out couple look like they’ll be sticking together for most of the series. Whether they’ll remain such a close pair once the drama kicks off, however, remains to be seen.

No doubt the other kitchen appliances will have something to say about this pair of beauties stealing the limelight. The fridges have been unavailable to comment on their new role in the show, however we did manage to speak to Jamie Whitnell, forward planning producer for Geordie Shore, who said: “The house is one of the most important parts of the show and anyone who watches it will know just how quirky it is. We spend a lot of time sourcing [guests] for the show and when we saw the Retro fridges from Gorenje we knew they would be an ideal match and needless to say, they are!”

At this time we cannot confirm rumours of other Retro family members joining the household, though the lime green and cream models have expressed an interest in future shows.

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